Ford F-350 Blueprint Demo

Ford F-350 Blueprint Demo

Our first SoundOff Signal bluePRINT build. Fully equipped and ready to demonstrate our capabilities.

In the front, we start out with (6) SoundOff Signal 4" mpower dual-color lights mounted in the grille. In each fog light housing is another dual-color mpower. Also forward facing is an interior mounted dual-color nForce light bar.

Each side of the truck features (1) 4" mpower in each side emblem pocket, 3 below the cab, and one below each taillight.

In the rear there are (4) 4" mpowers mounted between the tailgate and the bumper as well as (2) nForce exterior traffic advisor bars.

As a demonstration vehicle, all lights are powered by SoundOff Signal's bluePRINT system. This system is programmed for the user to choose between multiple flash patterns and side specific white work lights. Placing the vehicle in reverse will automatically engage the rearward facing mpowers to a steady burn white to aid in backing up. Opening any door will initiate that side's courtesy lights, and much more!

A 480 series siren with PA, and (2) 100W speakers are also installed on this demonstration vehicle.

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