2021 Polaris Ranger
City of Quincy

2021 Polaris Ranger

On the front, this Polaris is equipped with (2) SoundOff Signal 4" mpowers mounted in the bumper. In the windshield, two sets of mpowers mounted in window shrouds!

Each side has (3) 4" mpowers mounted on the front quarter panel, rear C-pillar and rear bedside. The driver's side also has an OEM Polaris 360 degree work beacon.

In the back, (2) 3" mpowers mounted under the tail light and 2 mpowers mounted in the rear window.

In the bumper is a set of Rigid Industries D-Series light pods that not only come on with reverse, but also have manual override on and off.

All powered by a Feniex Full Function Typhoon sontroller with a 100W siren and PA system this Polaris is ready to conquer any obstacle thrown its way.

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