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Bed Caps & Covers

Bed Caps & Covers

Security & Style

Truck bed covers, also called Tonneau Covers can be a great way to secure and protect your truck bed's contents from the elements. Choose between multiple different categories of covers: Soft Tri-Fold, Soft Roll Up, Hard Tri-Fold, Hard Retractable. Each category has its own application benefits, drawbacks, and price range.

TruXedo LoPro

A Blue Collar Customs preferred product for a soft roll up style of Tonneau Cover. The TruXedo Lo Pro has a sleek low-profile design made with heavy-duty construction to keep your truck bed cover looking great in any weather conditions.

UnderCover ArmorFlex

A Blue Collar Customs prefered product for a hard tri-fold style of Tonneau Cover. ArmorFlex hard folding cover is designed to protect your truck bed and its contents, while maintaining its strength, style, and durability.

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