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Audible Warning & Control Systems

SoundOff Signal bluePRINT
Audible Warning & Control Systems

Creating a Safe Scene

Intelligent control systems partnered with audible warning help enhance scene safety and situational awareness with new technology and customization.

SoundOff Signal bluePRINT

SoundOff Signal's bluePRINT system becomes a state-of-the-vehicle that uses vehicle data and other inputs to inform and modify the warning system profile in real time. End Users benefit with improved policy and law compliance, situation specific warning profiles, automatic dimming and flash rate adjustments and diagnostics.

Whelen Engineering CenCom Core

Whelen is redefining control systems with CenCom Core. With the greatest configurability, speed, and expansion yet, CenCom Core is a system created to enhance end user's safety with advanced automation and remote connectivity.

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