June 9, 2023

Whelen 10-Year Warranty

Whelen 10-Year Warranty

Whelen Engineering, a global leader in the emergency warning industry for over 70 years, announced the launch of its new 10-year warranty on an extensive list of its premium automotive products, the first of its kind in the emergency warning industry.  

The 10-year warranty is a major milestone, providing customers with a significantly longer lifespan for their warning and lighting products. The extended coverage is a testament to Whelen’s longstanding commitment to providing the highest quality, American-manufactured products that are built to last. The warranty covers a wide range of automotive lighting and control products including the popular CenCom Core® control systems; Liberty™ II, Freedom® IV, and Legacy® lightbars; ION™, ION T-Series™, and M Series™ lightheads; and all WeCanX® products. The full warranty statement can be read on the Whelen website.  

The announcement represents a significant turning point in the emergency warning industry. Whelen has offered 5-year warranties on several products for many years, but with the new 10-year warranty, they are demonstrating an increased commitment to providing their customers with high-quality, reliable, and long-lasting products.  

“We’re thrilled to be the first company to introduce a 10-year warranty on the majority of our premium products,” said Greg Scott, Vice President of Sales. “It’s a testament to the quality and innovation that we put into every Whelen product. We’re confident that our extended coverage provides customers with a level of confidence in their purchase that is unmatched in the industry,” Scott added.  

Whelen has a long history of providing reliable emergency warning equipment and this latest announcement is another example of how the company stands behind the quality of its American-manufactured products and is invested in providing unparalleled quality and service to its customers.

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