Commercial Truck Vehicle Upfitting

Elevating The Commercial Truck Upfit

Discover your fleet's true potential at Blue Collar Customs, where we specialize in elevating commercial truck fleets through expert vehicle upfitting. Our innovative solutions prioritize safety, efficiency, and fleet uniformity.


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Expert Upfitting With a Focus on Fleet Uniformity

At Blue Collar Customs, we take pride in our commitment to supporting Blue Collar workers with top-tier vehicle upfitting services. Recognizing the critical nature of your work, we specialize in transforming standard light duty commercial truck & vans into highly efficient and purpose-driven assets.

Our expert team collaborates closely with your team to understand their unique needs, ensuring that each vehicle is equipped with the latest technology, safety features, and customized layouts. From state-of-the-art lighting to meticulously designed exterior graphics, we go beyond standard upgrades to provide solutions that enhance the capabilities and responsiveness of your fleet.

Trust Blue Collar Customs to deliver unmatched expertise and reliability, empowering you to navigate your projects with confidence and efficiency.


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PSE01 Public Safety Equipment and Two-Way Radios